Recipe: Easy Mango Salsa

I’m not a huge fan of mangoes, but the hubby, he loves mango salsa. So when we got some mangoes in our Bountiful Basket, I was pretty sure they’d end up in salsa form. Then I dropped them and they got a bit bruised. Oops. This salsa doesn’t care if the mangoes are little beat up, and was super easy and is hubby-approved.

Look at those beautiful colors! -swoon-

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Recipe: Vegan Summer Harvest Muffins (Soy and Nut Free)

I found myself with a plethora of blueberries that needed to find a use and a strong desire to make vegan muffins, but there’s a catch. We generally try to avoid soy products and with my husband’s allergies, most nut products as well. So when I looked up recipes for vegan muffins and saw almond milk, soy butter substitute, and various nut butters popping up everywhere, I decided I would just have to make my own recipe. With the help of the internet and some food-wise friends, I decided on my ingredients and gave it a shot. I have since devoured these delicious muffins and am sad that they’re almost gone.

Soy and Nut Free Vegan Harvest Muffins

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Recipe: Acorn Squash Muffins

We cannot keep acorn squash in the house. The reason being that my husband and son will inhale acorn squash muffins. You’d think these muffins gave super powers with how quickly they get devoured!

This recipe is my pumpkin bread recipe but you use the acorn squash and cook it in muffin tins!

Halve the squash and scoop out the guts.
(Give the guts to some back yard chickens for a natural dewormer.)
Lay the cut side down and bake until the squash gives in easily when pressed.
Scoop the meat from the skin while warm and mash with a fork.

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