What Can I Do?

The events in Charlottesville have left me deeply disturbed in many ways. While I was not naive enough to believe that racism was a thing of the past, I cannot recall a time in my life when such blatant racism and bigotry had the nerve to stand proud in city streets in broad daylight. We live in a time that our grandparents and great-grandparents had hoped was put to rest all those years ago; yet we now see that hate has risen like some dormant monster rising forth from its underground cave, no longer frightened by the light of the sun. 

The danger to our nation and our society can no longer be ignored and many across this nation have heard the cries of their fellow humans from Charlottesville and taken to action. 

I struggle at times with this call to action and feeling like I cannot do enough. As a single mother, I cannot in good conscious take my children to protests or rallies that may become violent, I don’t have the free time or the spare money to donate to organizations committed to seeing the end of racism and bigotry in our land, and sometimes it feels like I just can’t do enough. 

But then I remember that I have two little boys at home who are full of potential. It may not be safe to take a three-year-old to a protest, but I can raise him to lead the march when he is older. My four-year-old may require my time for now but I can teach him the power of serving and loving others. My bank account may not have a lot of wiggle room for donations, but it costs nothing to show kindness and respect for people of all walks of life and to teach my children to do the same. 

Sometimes it feels like we cannot do enough, but the power of a mother is that she can change the world by raising her children to do more, to speak louder, to demand that our society be better. 

Sometimes it feels like our voices are not strong enough, but we can each speak kindness and love to our neighbors and we can call out bigotry and racism when we see it. 

Sometimes it feels like we do not have enough power to see the change we need come to be, but we must persist and press on through days and nights and weeks and months and years because we cannot stand by and let this evil run unchecked through our home. 

My fellow humans, hate has no home here. So let us not rest until the work is done. 


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