Review: Babies-R-Us Diapers

Whoa, it’s been awhile hasn’t it? Well, my lovelies, there’s been a lot going on, but tonight let’s start off with something easy- diapers!


I received a coupon from Influenster┬áto try out some new Babies-R-Us diapers for free. They sent me this coupon so I could get some diapers and review them. They maybe should have sent them to someone who likes disposable diapers, but hey…

First thing I have to note is there are no Babies-R-Us stores anywhere near Abilene! The closest stores were in Midland or Ft. Worth. Now, there are several in Austin and as I am falling more and more in love with that city, a seven-hour round trip for some diapers (and dancing and tacos) wasn’t too bad, but really, Abilene needs a Babies-R-Us.

Now, if you’re new here, you may not know, but I’m a little loyal to my cloth diapers. We did cloth diapers with both boys until we reached potty training. When Alex started potty training, he was in daycare and they requested disposable pull-ups instead of just going straight to underwear. They essentially potty-trained him for me, so I was okay with going the disposable route at that point.

With Locke, we started to potty train at daycare, but he fell in the toilet at the daycare once and while he wasn’t hurt, he was traumatized by the toilet. Thinking we were getting close to potty training and being done with diapers, I sent my diaper stash off to a family member with a new little baby. Sadly, with his toilet trauma, Locke became very hesitant to use the potty and we’re coming up on his third birthday (tomorrow, OMG!) and this kid still isn’t potty trained (heaven help me).

So, Babies-R-Us lucked out and we were still using disposables. I got lucky in that the day after I picked up the free diapers, Locke’s little tummy got upset and having diapers with the side tabs was very helpful. These diapers also were actually pretty good. Now, they’re no cloth diaper, but they held in some pretty massive loose stools with only one or two leaks.

Usually, I hate disposables because they have this weird smell and the kids would always break out and they leaked all over the place and just seemed really rough and uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised in that these diapers didn’t really have those problems. There wasn’t a really obvious smell to them and Locke didn’t have any skin issues related to the diapers. There were a few small leaks, but again, little dude’s tummy wasn’t happy. They also didn’t seem as paper-y as other disposables and seemed like they may have been more comfy.

All in all, I would still chose cloth diapers over disposables, but if I had to use disposables, (or if you need a break from cloth for whatever reason) these would probably be my first choice for a disposable diaper.


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