Alex’s Awesome Lego Party

lego party

So, I’m a little late with this post, but Alex had an awesome Lego party for his third birthday. We had a house full of kids and a great time. We watched The Lego Movie and then smashed up a Lego piñata. Here’s some pictures and ideas if you’re planning your own Lego Party Bash!

To make the piñata, I used a large Sam’s Club size cereal box and some plastic cups and covered it in paint.
The finished piñata was orange and purple, the birthday boy’s favorite colors that week.
Hitting the piñata! All the kids loved this part!
A square cake with cupcakes on the top to look like a Lego! Not my best frosting job, but very tasty.
We made lego brick candies to go in the favor bags.
I made little coloring books to put in the favor bags.
I ordered these little crayons from an Etsy seller and they’re too cute!
Finished favor bags!

There was a bit of extra prep work to get all the favors together but the kids loved it and we had so much fun celebrating our little boy.

For the Lego brick candy, I got the mold from this shop on Etsy:

For the Lego Mini-figure Crayons, you’ve got to look at this shop. This seller was amazing and these crayons are wonderful!



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