Mani Monday: Lava Lamp plus Two Week Jamberry Test

It’s pretty easy to see that I love my Jamberry wraps. If you’ve kept up with Mani Monday at all, you’ve seen plenty of them, but you might wonder, just how long do the wraps really last? Honestly, that’s an important question and makes a big difference in how much money they might just save you. So, because I love you and don’t want you to have to worry or test it yourself, I left my wraps and nail polish alone for as long as possible to test it out. Here’s the results.

Mani Monday Lava Lamp Two Week Test
Here’s day one. A plain black polish and Lava Lamp from the new catalog.

I’m really tough on my nails. I hand wash all my dishes and rinse out cloth diapers on a regular basis. Add in general office work, housework, and the occasional adventure in gardening, and my nails take a beating.

Mani Monday Lava Lamp and Two Week Jamberry Test
Here’s day 16! The wrap is still going strong.

I ended up having to take the wrap off only because I broke a nail moving some boxes. The wrap was still holding strong, but with the broken nail I decided it was a good idea to take it off and clean up the mess that the nail polish had left behind.


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