Mani Monday: Scotty Bow Ties Are Cool!

If you follow me on Facebook, you know that I had wisdom tooth out about two weeks ago and it did not go willingly! It was pretty terrible and so not fun. Add to that an incredibly stressful few weeks at work and I’ve missed you all so much!

However! I just finished the newest Doctor Who to hit Netflix, got some great new Jamberry wraps, and got my latest Ipsy bag so it’s looking up! Here’s today’s Mani-Monday!

Mani Monday: Scotty Bow Ties Are Cool!

This manicure is the little scotty dogs of “Great Scott” which is a Jamberry Juniors wrap matched with Bow Tie Tips. I found that some of my nails, especially my pinky, are a little tricky to match correctly to the full sized wraps so I wanted to give the Juniors a try. I was not disappointed! The Jamberry Juniors wraps fit my skinny pinky nails perfectly!

Oh, and that bag is this month’s Ipsy bag! Isn’t it cute? If you haven’t jumped on the Ipsy train yet, check it out! (Referral link)


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