Review: Klorane Eye Contour Patches

Anyone with small children knows those little bags under your eyes, they can get pretty darn big, like Mary Poppins carpet bag big. So when I got the Klorane eye contour patches in my Ipsy Glambag I was really excited to try them out!

klorane eye patches

First things first, the eye patches made me feel like a crazed warrior woman, or like I should be playing football or something. That’s probably just the exhaustion talking, but I had a lot of fun with them on!

eye patches

Not only did I look super cool (you know you’re jealous), but they felt really great too. There was a really awesome cooling sensation and I felt like I was getting a nice little spa treatment. I felt like my sinuses also cleared up a bit, which is a major selling point for West Texas. Now, when I took them off, I didn’t notice any huge improvement in bags or lines, but I did look a little less puffy, so I guess it worked. Either way, it certainly was a nice little treat for myself and I’d certainly buy them again some time.


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