Friday Focus on Abilene: B E & I Cupcakes

Last week we had date night! Our first in a bit of a long time. We tried out the new Mexican restaurant in town (more on that later), then walked around the mall while we waited for our movie to start. We hadn’t been able to have desert at the restaurant as everything had pecans, the hubby’s kryptonite, but luckily we happened upon a little kiosk just in front of Kirklands. Ms. Verna Eugene is a godsend. Seriously, where was she during my pregnancies?

This cute little sign is just a taste of the awesomeness in store! (Aren’t I punny?)

The awesome menu at BE&I.

BE&I Cupcakes is named after Verna’s children, each of their first initials, and this truly is a family business with her children making appearances behind the counter as well. Verna caters to the cupcake connoisseur (and does actual catering, too). You can chose from one of her special creations or you can make your own from the cake up. Either way, you won’t be disappointed as they assemble your cupcake right there in front of you. IMG_1050

Okay, enough about the “experience”, let’s get down for the nitty gritty, the taste. The hubby got an Oreo cupcake with gummy bears. I got a peanut butter and jelly cupcake. Yes, PB&J in cupcake form! (Feel free to bookmark this post, go get a cupcake, and come back; I’ll wait). The cake was delicious and moist and the flavor combinations were absolutely perfect. At no point was it “too sweet” and I never got peanut butter mouth. The hubby’s cupcake was also delicious and far surpassed all the other Oreo cupcakes I’ve tasted in my life, and I’ve had my fair share. I wish I had a critique, but I’ve been baking my whole life and I couldn’t find anything wrong with these delicious little pieces of fluffy heaven.

Ms. Verna has quite the ruby in the rough over at the Mall of Abilene. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes it onto Cupcake Wars and gets ridiculously famous. So run on over to BE&I Cupcakes and try them out while you still can. Then come back and comment with which flavor combination you think would win at Cupcake Wars. (My money is on that PB&J!)


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