Mani Monday: Pure Ice RepecK

I found myself last week walking through Wal-Mart with broken glasses waiting for the eye glasses shop to open up and thinking, “I really should have a black nail polish. What ever happened to all my black nail polishes.” Well, having determined some time ago to only purchase cruelty-free products I found myself staring at all the pretty polishes, smart phone in hand, googling away.

Mani Monday Pure Ice RepecK

I felt rather disheartened as I got almost to the bottom of the rack without finding a single cruelty-free polish. Then, I came to Pure Ice which just so happened to have this awesome black glittery polish. This little polish was less than two bucks and wouldn’t you know, they don’t test on animals.

So, I wouldn’t have normally been looking for nail polish at Wal-mart, but I happened to luck upon a super cheap, lovely nail polish that doesn’t harm fluffy bunnies.


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