How Does Your Garden Grow? Summer 2015 Update

Our garden is taking off much better this summer, we even have some volunteer plants! We’ve already enjoyed the first of our tomato harvest and I anxiously await the little squashes that are so close to being ripe!

Here is one of our volunteers, and it looks to be a Morning Glory vine. I hope to get George (a friend named him) to grow up out porch post.
Here are the dwarf sunflower varieties. They’ve just started opening up and are absolutely beautiful!
Do you see how dark that little squash is? He’s almost ready!!
Twin tomatoes!
This is our volunteer squash plant. It’s right at the opening to our shed. The door from the shed was torn off the hinge in a storm and I’m waiting for this little guy to put it back up.
Free squash!
Some more tomatoes.
Our pepper plants are tiny but we’re getting a pepper from each of them.
These little tomatoes are volunteers from our compost pile.

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