Weekday Vegetarianism: What It Is, Why We Do It, Plus a Sample Meal Plan!

“So, are you vegan?”

“No, we’re weekday vegetarians.”


Weekday Vegetarianism: What it is, why we do it, plus a sample meal plan

While we do sometimes eat vegan, we also sometimes eat meat. Our family generally likes to stick with what we call Weekday Vegetarianism.

What is Weekday Vegetarianism?

We don’t eat meat during the week (Monday-Friday), and we try to limit our meat consumption on the weekends. We do still eat dairy and eggs, however I try to incorporate a few vegan meals here and there.

Why do we not eat meat on week days?

The American diet is very heavy in animal products, especially meat. This is not particularly good for our health, is detrimental to our environment, and our current conventional meat supply is generally cruel and inhumane. By limiting the amount of meat we eat, we can make our diet healthier, reduce our impact on the environment, and it allows us to be better able to afford humanely raised and slaughtered meats.

As a family we have not been ready to make the decision to eat vegan, or even to eat fully vegetarian, and this arrangement helps us to reduce the impact of the meat we eat while not cutting it out completely. Honestly, if you aren’t ready to give up that New York strip, I’d seriously suggest consider going vegetarian at least one or two days a week and going from there.

Sample Meal Plan:

Here’s what’s on the menu at our house this week. The kids eat breakfast and lunch at daycare. The hubby usually has a bagel and some fruit for breakfast. I’ll have muffins, egg burrito, or a smoothie. We keep various things at home for lunch or we’ll eat out.

Sunday Breakfast- Oatmeal, fruit, cheese

Lunch- Grilled cheese and chicken noodle and veggie soup

Dinner- Chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, eggs

Monday Dinner- Enchilada Quinoa with strawberries

Tuesday Dinner- Spaghetti with red sauce and steam broccoli

Wednesday Dinner- Veggie Quesadillas with rice, beans, and fruit

Thursday Dinner- Leftover night!

Friday Dinner- Pizza night! Pesto pizzas with veggies or cheese.

Saturday Breakfast: Eggs, toast, fruit

Lunch: Turkey sandwiches, raisins, green beans

Dinner: Baked Chicken with potatoes, carrots, peas

Comment below and tell me: What’s your favorite vegetarian dish?


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