Focus on Abilene: The Mill

Today’s Focus on Abilene highlight has been around for a little over a year, and although I am a recent patron, I find myself smitten with The Mill and all it’s wonderful charm.

Focus on Abilene: The Mill

With patio style seating and fire pits outside and a beautiful space for functions indoors, The Mill is the perfect combination of class and comfort. Lots of beautiful wood and exposed industrial elements combine with soft lighting and beautiful landscaping to create a warm, welcoming, homey feel. The Mill captures the best of Abilene in my opinion. There’s a great historical, cultural feel and presence to The Mill that you’d expect with it’s location near downtown Abilene, but it has a great youthfulness to it as well. Describing The Mill is kind of like describing Abilene in that you just can’t contain it all in one simple phrase.

I attended a wedding reception at The Mill and it was the perfect location to celebrate the joining of this young couple. It was lively and youthful, but not childish. There was a sophistication and style to the space, but families with young children weren’t out of place either. Recently, I met some friends there that I hadn’t seen in quite some time and it was the perfect place for such a reunion; it almost felt like we were meeting in someone’s backyard (someone with excellent decorating taste). Both times the staff were courteous and kind.

Adding to it’s “cool” factor The Mill often has local food trucks that visit. They also have regular steak nights which I hear are amazing. (Next time we have a sitter, we might just need to sneak out for some steak!) Several local artists will perform live, they do painting events, and I’ve even seen pictures of a yoga class! Like our beloved Abilene, The Mill is the perfect hodgepodge of all the things we love.

Check them out on Facebook and comment below if you’re willing to bring me a steak tonight!


2 thoughts on “Focus on Abilene: The Mill

  1. Amie –
    What a beautiful article! Thank you so much for your kind words about The Mill. Our vision for this place before we opened was exactly as you described it – class but comfort, elegant but down to earth, date night but also family night – it does my heart well to see that it is being executed in those same terms! Thanks for your spotlight!!
    Mindy Howard
    Owner/General Manager
    The Mill


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