Focus on Abilene: Our Version

Okay my lovelies, I’m about to share with you what might just be one of Abilene’s best kept secrets. A few months ago I was hanging out at Mezamiz coffee house on S 7th just enjoying my tea, when these two young ladies get up to the mic and introduce themselves as “Our Version”.

our version title

Now, my first reaction was to drink my tea as fast as possible and get out of dodge, because let’s face it, we’ve all heard our fair share of bad music at coffee houses. However, I am so glad that my tea was too hot to gulp, because I would have missed out on an incredible and amazing performance. This young duo may not have the stage presence of the greats yet, but don’t let that fool you like it almost did me. Once these young ladies began to sing, I was blown away.

Now, I will admit I am a bit of a music, and especially vocal, snob (if that wasn’t already shown by my previous comments), but these girls possess a vocal maturity far beyond their age. They have the potential power of Stevie Nicks, the raw emotional quality of Jewel, and a soulfulness reminiscent of Etta James. Their performance was fun and innocent yet there was an emotional liability you generally only see with seasoned artists.

They only performed covers that night, and I don’t know if they have any original music yet, but this duo has such potential and beautiful raw talent, I know they have a great career ahead of them.

I wasn’t able to get video that night that I saw them live, but Play Faire Park posted this video of one of their performances. Check out these ladies on Facebook, and go see one of their local gigs before they start selling out auditoriums. If you’ve been lucky enough to see them live, post your favorite song below!


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