Focus on Abilene: Sweet Life Cupcakes

So, because I didn’t have access to internet for much of yesterday, you get a two-fer tuesday! (That’s a thing right?) Now, after you’ve finished your lunch at Hashi. You are just a hop, skip, and jump away from Sweet Life Cupcakes.

sweet life cupcakes

You know Abilene is getting up there on the cool scale because we now have our very own cupcake bakery! Sweet Life Cupcakes is a little bakery on Rebecca Lane that makes some amazing cupcakes. I’ve had some of their cupcakes on various occasions, and I’ve never been disappointed! I absolutely love their wedding cake cupcake. The hubby liked the double chocolate but quickly said that mine was better. (Hubby is a smart man.) The cupcakes come in cute little brown boxes that make them seem like little bitty presents! You can also get mini cupcakes if you’re trying to watch the sugar intake, or if you want to feel like a giant. They also serve gluten-free cupcakes on occasion. The real wowza though, is that you can get a shot of frosting! It’s like eating frosting out of the can in front of the refrigerator late at night, but yummier and less shame-filled. If you’re looking for cupcakes for a birthday party, wedding, graduation, or just plain, I Love Cupcakes Celebration, hit up Sweet Life to make your life much sweeter and yummier.

Check out Sweet Life Cupcakes on Facebook and comment below with your favorite cupcake creation!


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