Let’s Get Real

Ok so, I don’t want to post this, because then I know I’ll have all you lovely people keeping me accountable, but that’s probably a good thing, so here goes nothing: On Monday morning, I’m starting a three day sugar detox!


Sugar and I are good friends. We’re those friends where one friend is constantly giving and generous to the other and the other is a lot of fun to be around, but you know they probably aren’t the best company; like seriously, your momma wouldn’t approve, but you’re gonna have a really good time this weekend.

I love my friend Sugar. She’s really sweet and fun. But she’s also a bit of a witch and makes me feel like crap more oft than I care to admit. Yet, I keep coming back for more of her delicious abuse. But no more! It’s time Sugs and I broke up.

Like the first time you shave your legs after a long cold winter, I know it won’t be pleasant, but I trust that I will feel better afterwards, and hopefully I don’t have an permanent scars. Monday morning, I’m going cold turkey; no sugar, not even fruit, for three days. Some people who spend more time thinking about these things than I do, say that if you go three days without any sugar that you’ll kick the cravings good-bye.

It’s only three days. Surely I can make it three days. Right? Pray for me my lovelies as I get ready to say adios to my delicious sugar and hopefully pick up some better habits along the way.


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