How To Gift Cloth Diapers Without Being “That” Mom with Free Printable

You love cloth diapers and are passionate about sharing that love with others, what better way than to give all your expectant friends cloth diapers at their baby showers! Surely once they see how awesome modern cloth diapers are, they will be wooed and will vow to never touch a disposable diaper again! Right? Maybe not.

 giving diapers

I’m just as passionate as the next gal about my cloth diapers. (I used to keep a clean one in my purse to show people when I was pregnant with Alex.) I tell everyone I know about how awesome cloth is and I have spent many an hour walking new and expectant moms through the process of choosing diapers for their family, and I’ve even given some diapers as baby shower gifts, but there is a right way and a wrong way to go about “evangelizing” your ‘sposie-loving friends.

When it comes to gifting cloth diapers, remember that no one wants a baby shower gift that they have to return, or worse, one that can’t return. If you want to make your gift of cloth go over well, here are some little tips to help you out.

  • First, make sure they want to use cloth diapers. They don’t have to be sold 100%, but they should at least be willing to entertain the idea. If you were hooked on cloth from conception, you probably didn’t want a big box of disposables at your shower. Give your friends the same courtesy. If they’re adamant they won’t cloth, buy a Bumbo instead.
  • Only gift new diapers. I wish I didn’t have to say this, but used diapers are not baby shower gifts, no matter how great their condition. Gifts should be new diapers, with the tags still on them. If you want to hand down your diaper stash to a new family, please do so, but that’s more of a private conversation and not so appropriate for the shower situation.
  • If giving diapers, check the store’s policy on diaper returns and make sure to get a gift receipt. You should make sure all shower gifts are returnable for politeness’s sake, but even more so if you aren’t sure that the family will use cloth.
  • A diaper service is a great gift option if one exists in your area, especially for newborn diapers. Be sure to clear this gift with the new parents before purchasing it though. Some people don’t like the idea of shared diapers from diaper services.
  • If the parents have a type of diaper they want, get that type of diaper. Otherwise, the “easier” the diaper, the better. I suggest one-sized all-in-ones or pocket diapers. Also do be considerate of the family’s other specifications such as a family that only wants organic diapers or ones made in the USA, etc.
  • If the parents are new to cloth diapering, you may find a little instruction sheet will be helpful. Check out this one that I’ve used for cloth diaper gifts. You’re welcome to print it out or edit it as needed. It includes my blog email at the bottom. You can keep that or change it to your own. Cloth Diaper Gift Instruction Sheet
  • Lastly, don’t be upset if the expectant mom doesn’t end up cloth diapering once baby gets here. You and I may love cloth and think it’s the best thing since before sliced bread, but it’s not for everyone, and new moms need love and support no matter their diapering choice.

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