National Beer Day and Taylor County Taphouse Review

So apparently it’s National Beer Day (seriously there’s a day for everything) and I figure it’s as good a day as any to tell you about the Taylor County Taphouse. The Taphouse is a newer establishment to Abilene and they focus on serving a wide variety and ever changing selection of alcohols. I’ve been impressed with their selection of beverages and on each visit I found a gluten-free and an organic option.

Here’s my friend Jenni posing with our drinks from our last trip to Taphouse

They’ve got a nice pub-feel to them that pairs nicely with a decent selection of European brews. I like that it’s not dark and loud and seedy, but it’s still dark enough that you don’t really notice the people at the other tables. The menu, while a bit pricey, is a nice combination of date night and comfort food. As my friend Jenni calls it, “fancy drunk people food”. The sliders are super yummy and their brownie is the ultimate in comfort food!

So if you find yourself in need of a local place to celebrate today, check out Taylor County Taphouse, and try the Delerium Tremons if they have it.


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