The Truth About Mommy Bloggers

Oh Mom Bloggers… They’re a special something, aren’t they? Not only do Mom Bloggers have children to raise and homes to manage, they also take the time to chronicle their everyday life and thoughts and put them out there for the world to see, with carefully planned photographs of toddlers who always seem to be smiling with the sun shining perfectly through their blonde hair. Seriously, what kind of crazy women are they?

mom blog

For better or for worse, Mom Bloggers are out there, sharing who they are and what they do. Not only are they planning the perfect Pinterest-worthy parties, but they take the time to photograph every little step and write out the tutorial. They make delicious meals from scratch and they share with you the recipe. They have perfectly behaved children who never disobey, husbands who always love and admire them, and perfectly tailored classically stylish dresses. Right?

So wrong! Mom Bloggers are just like everyone else, but they skim the cream off the top of their lives so that they can share it with their readers. They slave away with the daily tasks of motherhood and then set aside time to craft the perfect blog posts when they’d rather be watching Glee on Netflix. So why do these lovely ladies take the time to share their lives with you? There are two types of motivation for Mom Bloggers, and which one it is will be painfully clear when you start reading their posts.

The first type is the Mom who wants you to think that she’s got it all together and that she has all the answers. She’s the one that never has a hair out of place, always has a freshly baked pie on the window ledge, and never lets her precious angels watch Elmo on loop. You know this Mom by her beautiful, magazine-worthy photos, and the fact that she apparently has found a way to fit 36 hours into a normal day. She also tends to post highly controversial posts about the “right” way to parent and claims that she’s doing so to educate people from the “dangers” that are out there. If you even think of contradicting this woman (“But I gave my kid a cheerio the day before he turned six months and he’s fine…”), all hell will break loose, or your post will be deleted and some thinly veiled comment about ignorant haters will be posted a few minutes later.

Now, I do not hate this Mom. In fact, I was once such a person. This type of Mom Blogger has a great deal of insecurity and she finds comfort and strength from her blogging. She probably doesn’t know that her form of “education” for others is coming off as offensive, and she is struggling so hard to keep herself together that she cannot comprehend that there may be another way to do things. These Moms can be a great source of information and articles as they have done extensive research and are incredibly passionate.

The second type of Mom Blogger probably started out like the first, then with age, wisdom, experience, or maybe a sharp blow to the head, she learned to accept herself and her faults. She also learned that she could be a valuable support to her fellow moms. Something has clicked for this Mom, and even though she still spends way too long cleaning the kitchen before Instagram-ing dinner, she has a different motivation. While all bloggers hope to give their readers something new to learn, this Mom Blogger wants to encourage you rather than educate you. This Mom understands that the work of motherhood is really freaking hard and at the end of the day we all kiss our babies and say a silent prayer that we can get them into adulthood in one piece and without any permanent mental scars. This Mom has failed, sometimes miserably, and she posts in hopes that she can offer some solace to the other moms out there who feel like they too are failing miserably.

I really hope I can be that second type of Mom Blogger for you. I can research with the best of them and give you all sorts of facts, but there are days when I can’t even remember my own age. (Seriously, I had to get out the calculator the other day; it was sad.) I don’t have it all together, and I’m not going to pretend that I do. My goal and my hope is simply that I can share my life with you and in some small way, it might make things a little bit better, or make you smile, or maybe just make you feel smart because you know your own age.

There is a third motivation. This one is true for all Mom Bloggers. The third motivation is that it is a lonely job to be Momma. Even if you’re married with a whole brood of children around you, there’s a lot of weight on your shoulders, and it’s something that we just don’t talk about all that often. Our society has lost the sisterhood of mothers that you hear about from our Great-Grandmothers. Everyone is so worried about respecting your privacy and not interfering that the sisterhood of mothers has been all but erased. Worse than erased, it’s been carted off and put into a little box to be scheduled. You have mommy groups or Bible studies for moms that happen once or twice a week, but rarely do those relationships truly last past the scheduled meeting time. I think that we have become so focused on proving that we can do it all on our own that we’ve lost the very valuable village that it takes to raise a child, and I think that the mommy blogosphere evolved to help fill that void. Here we can recreate that sisterhood of mothers and share with one another, and love one another.

I’ve got three loads of laundry waiting to be put up and a sink full of dishes, so good night for now my sisters.


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