Interview with Professional Organizer Katie Scott

It’s about that time again, Spring Cleaning. If you’re wanting to get your home more organized, you’re in luck! I had the great pleasure of interviewing Katie Scott, a local professional organizer about her passion for organization and her tips for keeping a busy family neat and orderly.

Katie Scott Organizational Services

Me: How did you get started organizing professionally?

Katie: I have always had the desire for simplicity and order.  That being said, I used to be terrible at implementing and maintaining any sort of organizing system.  Fortunately I was mentored by a professional organizer for two years starting in 2007.  After getting myself organized, I began helping friends and family.  In the fall of 2013 I took on my first paid job and really loved it thus Katie SOS was born.

Me: Have you always been an organized person?

Katie: I have always craved structure and organization but for years didn’t know how to attain it.  My Mother told me she sat in my room and cried at the mess I left when I moved out of their house.  If there’s hope for me, there’s hope for anyone.

Me: What’s the most common organizational challenge?

Katie: Maintaining order with children in the home or through a difficult life circumstance.  In those situations you can feel like you’re working against the entire world.  It’s frustrating.  It’s important to stay realistic.

Me: What’s the biggest job you’ve ever had to tackle?

Katie: Last spring and Summer I helped a family who had endured the death of several loved ones.  As a result they had inherited more items than one home can functionally hold.  They were ready to downsize and needed help sorting through all of their household belongings.  After we were finished with the organizing process, they were able to have an estate sale and move into a smaller dwelling.  The job was challenging not only because of the time commitment but also because there were so many emotions tied in for the family.  To date that job remains one of the most rewarding personally.

Me: I can get something organized, but within a few days it’s a mess again. What’s your number one tip for staying organized?

Katie: Clean and organize as you go.  The implementation of an organizational system is not the hard part, it’s the maintenance that is a challenge.  Make it a part of life and figure out how to make it fun.  For instance, I don’t enjoy doing the dishes, so I bought all rainbow dishes.  Now they are so colorful and fun that I can’t help but want them all clean and displayed on the shelf.

Me: What’s the one thing everyone should be doing to keep organized?

Katie: Teaching our children how to work and maintain their space.  We aren’t doing our children any favors by coddling them.  We are charged with the task of training up our children and preparing them for the world.  We must begin teaching our children at a young age how to be productive members of society.  Right now my children are part of the Scott Family society, but soon enough they’ll be out on their own and I want them to be diligent workers in every task they take on.  This starts at home.

Me: Let’s get personal for a second, if your mother-in-law were to be coming over in five minutes, what’s the one thing you’d have to rush to clean up before she got there?

Katie: Just to be clear, my Mother in law is a dear!  I probably wouldn’t clean anything if she were coming over.  Let’s change it to an organizing client, I would care about that!  I would clean up the kitchen.  Since we homeschool three children and I work predominantly from home, our home can get pretty chaotic.  The kitchen seems to be the area that unfortunately becomes messy the quickest.

Me: Tell me about the event you have coming up:

Katie: I’m so excited to offer the SOS Organizing Brunch.  This will be a lovely event which will take place in my own West Elmwood home.  We’ll be discussing topics that range from meal planning to maintaining order in a space with children afoot.  I designed this workshop for friends and clients who may not want to purchase an in-home organizing session, but who still have organizing needs.  Attendees will enjoy a delicious brunch while I teach about all things organizing.  They will also receive a bound copy of all the topics and notes discussed as well as a virtual consultation should they have any trouble implementing systems once they get home.  Attendance is $75 and is well worth the cost.  I have spent hours preparing for this event and hope that I have many clients who take advantage of it.

Katie has such a sweet and helpful spirit about her. You can find a flyer on the upcoming brunch here: SOS Organizing Brunch If you’re looking to get your home and life more organized, I strongly suggest meeting with her. If you can’t make the brunch next week, check out her Facebook page and get in touch with Katie to get your organizational needs met.

If you’re itching to get started right away, check out my Pinterest board on Organization for some quick tips while you wait for the big brunch!


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