A Guide to Natural Skin Care: Tips and Product Suggestions

When I wrote about my three-minute make-up routine, I mentioned that I don’t use any concealer or foundation. I believe that healthy skin is beautiful skin, and doesn’t need to be covered up. Here are my tips for achieving healthy skin, and the handful of products I use to help keep it that way.
A Guide To Natural Skin Care

Let’s start with my top tips for achieving natural, no-concealer-needed, clear skin.

  • First things first, stop putting harsh chemicals on your skin! It may not be pretty, but stop using all harsh cleansers, concealers, and foundations. Your skin needs to breathe and have access to the air. A lot of these products just make everything worse.
  • Next, drink plenty of water! I’ve written before on the importance of drinking water, but it’s worth repeating. Hydrated skin is healthy skin. If you have dry skin, or more fine lines than you should at your age, you probably need more water.
  • Eat good whole foods. A healthy diet leads to healthy skin. An excess of greasy, fatty foods will show on your face.
  • Stay regular. Your skin aides your body in the elimination of waste. If your bowels aren’t doing their job, your skin might start picking up the slack. Drinking enough water and eating the right foods will help here as well.
  • Don’t wash your face all the time. While frequent washing can be helpful for adolescent acne and the prevention of infections, it can also dry out your skin. Frequent use of harsh soaps can really damage your skin.
  • Be mindful of your hormones. Once your skin starts to clear up, don’t be discouraged if you get a little pimple or two just before your cycle starts. If you’re finding that you have hormonal acne more frequently or if it’s very severe, talk with your health care provider about having your hormone levels checked, something might be out of whack.
Here I am, no foundation, no concealer, no photo shop 😉

Now, I do still use some products to help keep my skin in balance. The three products I’ll recommend are of course cruelty-free, have natural ingredients, and are gentle on the skin. You might find that your skin is more or less sensitive to these products. I don’t have it listed below, but I do recommend a gentle exfoliant every 2-5 days depending upon your skin’s needs. I haven’t found a cruelty-free one that I like yet, but I’m still looking!

  • Nourish Organic Eye Treatment- I love this cream! It will seriously help to prevent those bags under your eyes if you have little ones who haven’t quite mastered the sleeping through the night thing, or if girl’s night just went a little late. Bonus- It’s organic! You can find it here.
  • Good Day. Day Moisturizer- I don’t use a moisturizer every day as my skin tends to be a bit on the oily side, but when I do, this is the one. It’s a great product and I love how seriously the company takes water conservation. You can find it here.
  • Burt’s Bees Natural Acne Solutions Clarifying Toner- Like many of you, Burt’s Bees was my gateway drug into natural beauty products. I love their products. Like I mentioned, my skin tends towards the oily side. I like to use this when it needs a little freshening up, or if the oil is getting a bit too much. You can find it here.

Whew! That’s a lot of information condensed in there. I’ll leave you with this last thought. The number one beauty secret out there, that no one will ever tell you: You are already beautiful.


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