Review: Urban Acres in Dallas, Texas

Lunch at Urban Acres in Dallas, Texas
Lunch at Urban Acres in Dallas, Texas

I was blessed to have lunch at Urban Acres in Dallas a few months back while visiting with my surgeon. I had noticed the building before, but hadn’t been able to stop. I was beyond pleasantly surprised!

Urban Acres is an urban farm with a wonderful little restaurant and store on the premises. I had a grilled ham and cheese on some amazing jalapeno-cheddar bread with a kale salad. As a testament to their tastiness- I actually ate and enjoyed the kale!

Urban Acres is committed to local, organic, sustainably grown real food. It doesn’t get any better than that! You can walk around the quarter-acre farm and see chickens and rabbits around their greenhouse. The store inside features local wares from various farms and artisans, and they even have local komucha on tap, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re local, there’s also  a co-op you can join to support the local farmers. The staff were wonderfully friendly and informative.

Honestly, my only two criticisms is that they’re hours are limited and they are so far away! I wish that we had something even close to this here in Abilene!


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