No More Babies

I don’t have any babies any more. Last week, Locke turned one, and now we have two toddlers, and no little babies.

For two years now we’ve had at least one baby. By Alex’s first birthday, I was well into my pregnancy with Locke, but now…Well, there may not be any more first birthdays in our future. We haven’t ruled out more kids, but we’ve paused the baby making for a little while.

It’s sad to think that there may not be another first word, another first step, another first smile. I may never fight to get those tiny mittens on little newborn hands, or sniff another never been washed baby head. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad to put 3 am feedings, spit-up, and crazy sticky diapers behind me, but that first year of babyhood goes by way too fast.

To the mamas of little babies- hold them extra tight and given them an extra little snuggle for me.

To the mamas who have out grown the baby stage- I now know why you gave all those warnings to cherish the baby moments.

Locke in his moses basket when he was little.
Locke in his moses basket when he was little.

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