One Month of Selfie Love Reflection

So, I did it. If you follow my Instagram page, you saw it, one month of selfies. It was an interesting experience.

First, I did not realize what I had really stepped into with the whole selfie thing. I guess I’m getting older, but I did a little quick research and learned that the selfie fad was strangely loved and hated by the great vastness of the internet. I also, had not really taken many selfies and did not realize that there was apparently an art form to them.

More importantly though, I realized that I didn’t have many pictures of myself and I generally didn’t like having my picture taken. It was interesting to see how I became more comfortable with my own appearance but continued to notice areas that I would like to see improved. I became more comfortable with having my picture taken and also learned to be more comfortable with the fact that my everyday life isn’t always photo-ready and that’s okay. Overall, I think I accomplished the goal of learning to love myself just a little bit more.


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