Creating Clean Habits

I don’t enjoy housework. I know there are some of you out there who like to get your Cinderella on, but that’s just not me. However, I cannot stand having a dirty home. Messy I can do, dirty though, that’s not okay. I have found that with a small child, a touch of OCD, and a control-freak mentality, keeping our home clean has been a struggle. Therefore I have decided to make a cleaning schedule and stick to it! This is one of my goals for 2014 so I’m posting it here and I hope you lovely readers can help keep me accountable!

The hall bath after it was freshly cleaned. Proof that it happened!

Here’s my proposed daily schedule:

  • Every Morning:
    • Empty the dishwasher and drying racks
    • Hang up towels (hubby’s request, I’m terrible about leaving towels everywhere)
    • Put up kid clothes and diapers. These are kept in the kid’s rooms and generally get folded when they’re already asleep. I am not risking waking a sleeping baby just to put clothes up.
  • Every Night:
    • One of load of laundry to the wash, to the dryer, and folded.
    • Clean out diaper bags and rinse out diapers.
    • Run dishwasher if full. Fill drying racks if there are hand-wash dishes.
    • Take out the compost and recycling to the appropriate places.
    • Wipe down the kitchen table and counter tops.
    • Sweep the kitchen.

And then during the week:
  • Monday- Mop the kitchen and entry way.
  • Tuesday- Clean the master bathroom.
  • Wednesday- Clean the hall bathroom
  • Thursday- Mommy’s night off! Regular maintenance chores only.
  • Friday- Dust whole house.
  • Saturday- Vacuum all carpet.
  • Sunday- Catch-up or any special tasks.
I looked at a lot of the cleaning plans online and there are tons of great ones out there, but many of them are geared towards stay-at-home moms. I don’t have the time to give to cleaning that someone who stays at home might, and we aren’t home as often to need to complete certain tasks as frequently as many of these plans indicate. 
I think this plan will work for us. It’s been about a week or so now and I feel like I’ve kept to the daily tasks about 60-70%. With any new habit, it’ll take some time, but I hope that I will be able to stick to this schedule, keep the house clean enough, and keep my sanity.
How do you manage to keep up with the housework? Do you have a routine or do you just wing it?

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