7th Step towards Sustainability: Cloth Cleaning Towels

In keeping on theme of green cleaning, let’s work on reducing paper waste in the cleaning process. Often when you go about your routine cleaning, you’ll use paper towels to wipe down your counters, your fixtures, your bathroom mirror… Just about everything. How many paper towels does that add up to? Well, I haven’t done the math, but it’s a lot! Even the most absorbent paper towels get used up and tossed out for new ones. Cloth cleaning towels solve that problem!

By switching to cloth towels for your cleaning tasks, you can stop the never ending cycle of using and throwing away paper towels, saving countless amounts of paper waste and tress! Back in the “old days” before paper towels, cloth towels were used for all cleaning tasks. That’s just what you had. We invent paper towels and out go the cleaning rags.

How It Helps: Paper towels might be convenient but they require many tress to die and are really only usable once. Then, they go to that ever-so-hated place, the landfill. By using cloth towels, you reduce the needs for paper, and therefore trees, while also keeping our landfills a little bit more empty.

How To Do It: Use old washcloths or buy some cheap towels and set them aside to use for your chores. Once they’ve gotten all yucky toss them in the wash and do it all over again. We have a stack of towels in the linen closet reserved just for cleaning. Now, in all honesty, we do still have some paper towels in the kitchen, but  I go through a roll maybe every two months, probably closer to three or more. (I’m considering going to un-paper towels, but that’s for another day…)

Cost: If you want to just use some old washcloths that you have lying around, they’ve already been paid for so there’s no new cost! If you want/need to buy some towels for cleaning, you can get a good bundle at Wal-mart or any other store for $5 or less. Remember: you’re using these towels to dust your furniture and clean your toilet, they don’t need to be anything fancy.

There you have it. Another very simple and easy step to help make your life a little bit more sustainable.


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