Season of Gratitude

Today I’m going to choose something that may seem a little strange. Today I am glad that God made me a woman! (Or I guess, that the sperm carrying the X chromosome made it to ovum first, either way.) I was reading some blog post about sexism and the tweeting that went on about it. I’ll be honest it got my feathers a little ruffled, but that’s for another day.

What I’m grateful for is that God made me a woman and that I have come to see my femininity and sexually as something that is good, from the Creator, and is not something I have to defend. I have no need to label myself a “feminist” or to fight for female power or anything like that. God is good and I am made in His image which includes my female attributes. The world might have a different view, but this world is temporary, and the word of the Creator that I am “very good” is eternal.

Now that’s girl power.


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